Stockton Folk Dance Camp Photos

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Please visit the camp's SmugMug site for a comprehensive, multi-year collection of camp photos. Download Mike Giusto's instructions for using the Smugmug site (including how to download copies of our favorite pics). And many many thanks to Ken McGreevy and Mike Giusto who manage the SmugMug site!


The seven members of the Stockton Folk Dance Camp Photography Team took over 5000 photographs this year.  Those photos need to be sorted and organized, cropped and edited, and then uploaded.  Please be patient.  If work continues at the current pace, they should be up by August 20.

2015 Photo Highlights

Thank you to the following (in alphabetical order) for their contributions to these pages: Wen-Li Chiang, Eliot Kuhner, Amy Lindsey, Ken McGreevy, Dick Rawson and Loui Tucker

As usual, the photos from similar events are grouped together by topic, and not separated by week. For example, all of the Hat Kolo photos (first and second week) are together. We looked through over 2000 photographs from a variety of sources. Not all the photos are included here. We had to make some tough decisions! We hope you enjoy these selections and they bring to mind good memories of Folk Dance Camp.

There are many, many more photos on the 2015 page of the Stockton SmugMug site. You can look at all the photos from the most recent camp (that are fit to print...), and can visit pages devoted to prior years. 

2015 "All Campers" Photos

2015 Featured Guests

2015 Hat Kolo Highlights

2015 Auction Highlights

2015 Costume Night Highlights

2015 Candle Lighting Ceremony Highlights

2015 Stocktoberfest Highlights

2015 Croatian Party Highlights

2015 Cuban Carnival Party Highlights

2015 Talent Show Highlights

2015 Shoe Highlights

2014 Camp Photo Highlights

Thank you to the following (in alphabetical order) for their contributions to these pages: Gordon Deeg, Clem Dickey, Mike Giusto, Ken McGreevy, Bonnie Lemat, Dick Rawson, and Loui Tucker.

2014 "All Campers" Photos

Faculty Highlights

Stockton Folk Dance Camp brings together a great faculty every year, always presenting a wide variety of dance styles.

Hat Kolo Highlights

The Hat Kolo is an important event at Camp and brings out the extraordinary. One long-time Camper said she has not repeated 
a single hat in the 37 years (both weeks!) she has attended Camp!

Live Auction Highlights

Camp's biggest fundraiser is the Live Auction, this year with a new auctioneer, Gordon Deeg. And didn't he do a GREAT job? 
Authentic and reproduction costumes were sold, as well as art work, quilts, dance lessons, food items, and more.

Costume Highlights

Tuesday afternoon is our opportunity to wear costumes and have a photo taken with friends and teachers.

After Party Highlights

And we danced all day, into the night, and often into the wee hours of the morning at the After Party!