2018 Syllabus

The final syllabus for Stockton Folk Dance Camp 2018 is now available. Before downloading, please read the following information.

The password is the same as for the preliminary syllabus. The password was in the letter you received by U.S. mail prior to the 2018 Camp. If you have lost the password, please email Loui Tucker at loui@louitucker.com The password will be removed and the individual dances posted on the Dance Descriptions page in June 2019.

After the initial posting in August 2018, significant changes were made to four dances, Mome Mitro, Ratka, Zaspala Jana Janinka, Rum Dum Dum. If you downloaded the syllabus prior to February 18, 2019, you should review those four dances.




You will see an speaker icon in each dance description. Clicking on the icon will allow you to open a link to a sound file so you can hear the teacher saying the name of the dance. Also, some dance descriptions include a link to a video example.

Syllabus Corrections and Updates

Despite the fact that multiple people reviewed the preliminary syllabus, and more people reviewed the suggested corrections, there will undoubtedly still be errors. We will let a month or two pass while additional errors are reported. The syllabus will be corrected one more time and posted in late Fall. If at any point you find a significant error, please email Loui at loui@louitucker.com.

NOTE: The Final Syllabus footer bears the date of posting (07/28/2018). If changes are made to a dance description, the footer on that page will show the date of correction and a red notation will be placed next to the name on the Index pages.

Printing the Syllabus

For best results, download the file, copy it to a data stick or CD, and take it to a local OfficeMax, Office Depot, FedEx Kinkos or other printer. They can print a double-sided copy in black and white or in color.  The pages are numbered the same as the preliminary syllabus so you may choose to print and substitute specific pages.

Technical Difficulties?

If you have trouble reading the file or get an error message, try updating your PDF reader. People who have reported issues and error messages in the past were able to resolve the problems by updating their software.

Comments and questions?

Email the Stockton Research Committee via Loui: loui@louitucker.com.