2019 T-Shirt Order Form is Available


The 2019 T-SHIRT for Stockton Folk Dance Camp will have a design by Susan Gregory which shows a line of dancers doing a Greek hasapiko. The background is designed to resemble a piece of parchment.

If you paid for a t-shirt with your 2019 registration for Camp, you are half-way there. To complete your order for the t-shirt, fill out this form and:

  • Email the form by June 7 to Loui Tucker at loui@louitucker.com, OR

  • Mail the form by June 7 to Loui Tucker at 153 Race Street, San Jose, CA 95126.

Preview the 2016 T-Shirt Designs!

The 2016 t-shirts for Stockton Folk Dance Camp feature a beautiful headdress design by Susan Gregory.

There will only be a limited number of colors and styles available at camp. If you want a specific style, color or size, use this Special Orders form* to order your t-shirt by June 10th.

*For best results, download and then open the form from its saved location. (Do not complete the form in your Internet browser, as pdf functionality can be limited by some browsers).

2015 T-Shirts

2015 T-Shirt

When you're completing the registration form, be sure to check the box for the t-shirt. Susan Gregory has created another beautiful design and you will want one of these t-shirts for your collection. A limited number will be available for purchase at Camp. Pre-ordering when you register guarantees there will be one in your size and in the color you prefer.

If you've already registered you can fill out a separate pre-order form for the t-shirt.