I Am Hawai’i

A fun Hula that Hilde Otterholt learned from Kumu Blain Kamalani Kia. This song was written in 1966 for the film Hawai’i. Lyrics are by Mack David, and music is by Elmer Bernstein.
Pronunciation:  I Am Hawai’i
Music:  4/4 meter Moea by Blaine Kamalani Kia, Band 20
Formation:  Individually in lines, with arms-length distance between each dancer. All face the same direction.

Presented by Hilde P. Otterholt 2010. View pdf here.

Kalana Kauai

CD:  Aloha, Merilyn Gentry & Nora Nuckles, Stockton Folk Dance Camp 2008, Band 1, 2.  4/4 meter Starting Position: Ready hand position (arms with elbows bent, hands at waist with uli uli tops toward audience. Note: Every time the uli ulis hit the body, the position is parallel to the floor, tops twd sides.

Presented by Merilyn Gentry & Nora Nuckles in 2008. View pdf here.