Ani More Nuse

Ani More Nuse is an extremely popular melody among Albanians all over the world. Choreographers have put many steps to this dance, but when Albanians just want to dance to this music at a party or social event most Albanians either do a simple step in a line or they dance individually. This dance attempts to recapture this flavor by combining these two elements in a little 2 figure arrangement. Presented in 2009 by Lee Otterholt. View the pdf here.


This is a women’s dance from southern Albania, in the Epirus region called Çamëria (Valle Çame). It is from the National Folk Ensemble of Tirana. Tumankuqe means red trousers.
Pronunciation:  TOO-mahn-KOO-cheh
Music:  4/4 meter  Ethnic Festival 2011 CD, Track 8
Formation:  Pairs of women in an open circle, facing LOD, little fingers joined in W-position and a small scarf in the R hand.

Presented by Roberto Bagnoli in 2011. View pdf here.

Vajta n’Elbasan

This dance by choreographed by Paja Milić. The title translates as: “I went to Elbasan.” Elbasan is a town in central Albania, north of Tirana.
Pronunciation:  VIGH-tah nehl-bah-SAHN
Music:  7/8 meter  Ethnic Festival 2011 CD, Track 9 1-2-3 1-2 1-2 S-Q-Q counted as 1-2-3
Formation:  Facing LOD, W’s line with arms in W-pos and joined pinkie fingers; M in separate line with arms in high W-position.

Presented by Roberto Bagnoli in 2011. View pdf here.

Valle e Qemalit

An Albanian performance-style dance Lee Otterholt learned from Ben Koopmanschaap.
Pronunciation: VAH-leh ay kchay-MAH-lee

Music: 4/4 meter CD: Balkan and Beyond – Stockton 2009, Band 3.
Formation: Long line facing slightly R of ctr. Palm-to-palm, hands high, elbows straight and
locked. (If this handhold is too tiresome, a high handhold might be acceptable.)

Presented by Lee Otterholt in 2009. View pdf here.


Vallja E Osman Takës

This dance is also known as Osman Takas (Samandakis in Greek). These steps are based on steps from the Korce region of Southern Albania. Kotansky created this particular arrangement.
Pronunciation:  VAHL-yah EH OHSS-mahn TAH-kuhs
Music:  7/8 meter  Balkan I 2010 Steve’s Dances CD, Band 4
Formation:  Open circle; hands joined in W-pos.

Presented by Stephen Kotansky in 2010. View pdf here.